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What is Effective Manager Program?

Effective managers are those who achieve set targets before the deadline and make use of resources in the best possible manner. Effective management refers to the extent to which managers achieve their targets with the assistance of organisational resources.

We cover the following Topics in Effective Manager Program:

1. People management and development – What, Why & How, 4Ps of People development, 6 easy people
development ideas.
2. Culture development – What is the Culture in your organization, How is culture established, Why of Culture.
3. Teamwork – Why & How of Teamwork, 4Cs of teamwork, 8 characteristics of teamwork.
4. Goal setting – What & Why of Goal setting, How-SMART-PURE-CLEAR-OKI goal setting methods.
5. Employee engagement – What, Why & How of employee engagement, Impact on business.
6. Emotional intelligence – What, Why & How of emotional intelligence, Impact on business results.
7. Relationship management – What, Why & How of relationship management, Different types of relationship
8. Communication – What, Why & How of communication, Types of communication, 10Cs of communication.
9. Active listening – What, Why & How of listening.
10. Conflict management – 5 Conflict management skills for every manager, What’s your conflict management
strategy, How to manage conflicts?
11. Decision making (DM) – What & Why of decision making, DM process, Obstacles to decision making.
12. Office etiquette – What & Why of office etiquette,
13. Employee engagement – What & Why of employee engagement, Benefits, Outcomes of employee
engagement, How of employee engagement.
14. Delegation management – What & Why of delegation management, How of delegation management.
15. Time management – What & Why of time management, How of time management.
16. Performance management – What & Why of performance management, How of PM, Barriers to PM.
17. Negotiation skills – What is ADR, BATNA-WATNA-ZOPA-MLATNA.
18. Doing Leadership – What & Why of Doing Leadership, 7 Mindsets, 6 Principles of Doing leadership.
19. Leadership – What is Leadership, 10 Characteristics of leadership, Impact of leadership, Leadership principles.
20. Change management (CM) – What is CM, Principles of CM, Challenges to CM, 7 R’s of CM.
21. How to avoid Human Errors – Human factors involved, The Dirty Dozen (TDD), Prevention of TDD.