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What is Implementation Training?

This course is designed to assist candidates to implement a process-based quality system in accordance with the standard. Learning outcome:

Understand the origin of quality and particularly, the ISO series of the standards. I Understand how the clauses of the standard carpet are implemented in an effective and user-friendly Sta way.

Understand the importance of understanding customer needs.

Understand how processes should drive continual improvement.

Delivery options:

This particular course can also be delivered in a series of workshops, providing valuable time for implementation between the session, and allow time for questions, queries, and answers on implementation problems. Courses can be delivered in your workplace or at an off-site venue, whichever suits you best.

Materials and recognition:

A comprehensive set of learning materials will be supplied to support the course, which are also designed to act as a valuable data resource going forward. A certificate of recognition will be supplied to all successful candidates.

We cover the following Topics in Implementation Training:
Management System Certification