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ISO 21001:2018

What is ISO 21001:2018 - EOMS?

ISO 21001:2018, also known as Educational Organization Management System (EOMS), is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard offers a set of management tools tailored for organizations that provide educational products and services. The primary goal of ISO 21001 is to assist educational providers in meeting the requirements and needs of their students.

ISO 21001 draws upon the framework of ISO 9001, which is a broader standard for Quality Management Systems. However, ISO 21001 is specifically designed to provide a focused and specialized framework for educational organizations. The emphasis is on improving educational processes and ensuring adherence to the specific requirements and expectations of learners.

Key features and aspects of ISO 21001:2018 – EOMS include:

  1. Basis on ISO 9001: While ISO 21001 is based on the principles of ISO 9001, it tailors these principles to the context of educational institutions. This adaptation allows educational organizations to apply a systematic approach to quality management in their unique setting.

  2. Enhancing Learner Satisfaction: The central aim of ISO 21001 is to improve the satisfaction of learners. This involves not only delivering quality education but also understanding and meeting the diverse needs of students.

  3. Applicability to Various Organizations: ISO 21001 is designed to be applicable to a wide range of organizations that provide educational services. This includes schools, universities, training centers, and other entities involved in knowledge and skill development.

  4. Curriculum Development: The standard is relevant to organizations that offer curricula for the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. It recognizes the diversity of teaching methods and approaches used in educational settings.

Overall, ISO 21001:2018 serves as a valuable tool for educational organizations seeking to establish an effective management system, enhance the quality of education, and prioritize the satisfaction of their learners.

Benefits of ISO 21001:2018 - EOMS Certification

Enhanced Educational Processes

ISO 21001 emphasizes a systematic approach to managing educational processes. Certification encourages organizations to establish effective systems for curriculum development, teaching methods, and overall educational delivery.

Improved Learner Satisfaction

The standard focuses on meeting the specific needs and expectations of learners. By obtaining certification, educational institutions signal their commitment to enhancing the satisfaction of students, parents, and other stakeholders.

Efficient Management System

Implementing ISO 21001 requires the establishment of a well-defined Educational Organization Management System. This systematic approach can lead to more efficient and streamlined operations, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving overall organizational performance.

Increased Credibility

ISO 21001 certification is internationally recognized and demonstrates an institution's dedication to quality education. This can enhance the credibility and reputation of the educational organization, making it more attractive to prospective students and partners.

Continuous Improvement Culture

ISO 21001 places a strong emphasis on continuous improvement. Certified organizations are committed to regularly reviewing and enhancing their educational processes, leading to ongoing development and adaptability to changing educational needs.

Global Recognition

ISO 21001 certification provides global recognition, making it easier for educational institutions to showcase their commitment to quality education on an international scale. This can be particularly advantageous for institutions catering to a diverse and international student body.

Who can be Certified ISO 21001?

All requirements of ISO 21001:2018 are generic and intended to apply to any organization that uses a curriculum to support the development of competence through teaching, learning, or research, regardless of the type, size, or method of delivery.

ISO 21001:2018 can be applied to educational organizations within larger organizations whose core business is not education, such as professional training departments.



Educational Institutes

Training Institutes

Coaching Classes

English Speaking

Online Education Providers

Government Educational Bodies

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Document required for ISO 21001 - EOMS

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Role of Shamkris and Process of ISO 21001 - EOMS Certification

Shamkris adopts a results-oriented approach to effective system implementation in the organization. A simple and practical method of system implementation helps organizations increase business efficiency and sustainability. Shamkris supports 100% documentation to obtain a certificate of success in addition to enhanced performance.

The implementation process is described below:

Time Frame



Day 1

GAP Analysis
Certification Body
Cost Estimates

Week 1

Developing Documents

Week 4

Implementing Management System

Week 8

Internal Audit

Week 10

Certification Body
N-C Closing

Week 12

Certificate Issued

Year on Year

Yearly Compliance


ISO 21001:2018 is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It provides a framework for Educational Organization Management Systems (EOMS) to help educational institutions improve the quality of their education and meet the specific needs of learners.

ISO 21001 certification is applicable to a broad range of educational institutions, including schools, universities, vocational training centers, online education providers, language schools, and more. It is not limited to a specific size or type of organization.

ISO 21001 certification offers benefits such as enhanced educational processes, improved learner satisfaction, increased credibility, better stakeholder relationships, efficient management systems, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

ISO 21001 is based on the principles of ISO 9001, a standard for Quality Management Systems. While ISO 9001 is a more general quality management standard, ISO 21001 tailors these principles specifically for educational organizations.

The certification process typically involves the following steps: preparation, application, documentation review, on-site audit, corrective actions (if necessary), and certification issuance. Certification is granted by accredited certification bodies.

ISO 21001 certification is valid for a specified period, often three years. During this time, organizations undergo regular surveillance audits to ensure ongoing compliance with the standard.