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Nadcap Accreditation

What is Nadcap Accreditation ?

Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) Certification is a globally recognized accreditation program specifically designed for aerospace and defense contractors. It is administered by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), an independent organization that ensures adherence to industry-leading quality standards.

Nadcap certification serves as a seal of approval, demonstrating an organization’s compliance with critical processes and systems in line with the aerospace and defense industry’s best practices.

Benefits of Nadcap Accreditation

Enhanced Credibility and Market Reputation

Streamlined Operations and Improved Efficiency

Cost Savings

Waste Reduction

Access to Global Markets

Continuous Improvement and Industry Networking

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Who can be Accredited Nadcap Accreditation?

Aerospace Manufacturers

Defense Manufacturers

Who can issue Nadcap Accreditation ?

Documents Required for Nadcap Accreditation

The extent of Documented Information differs as per:

Validity of Nadcap Accreditation

Nadcap Accreditation Valid for 1 Year.

Role of Shamkris and Process of Nadcap Accreditation

Shamkris adopts a results-oriented approach to effective system implementation in the organization. A simple and practical method of system implementation helps organizations increase business efficiency and sustainability. Shamkris supports 100% documentation to obtain an accreditation body of success in addition to enhanced performance.

The implementation process is described below:

Time Frame



Day 1

GAP Analysis
Cost Estimates
Application to Accreditation Body

Week 1

Developing Documents

Week 4

Implementing Management System

Week 8

Internal Audit

Week 10

Accreditation Body
N-C Closing

Week 12

Accreditation Body

Year on Year

Yearly Compliance


Nadcap certification is a globally recognized accreditation program for aerospace and defense contractors. It ensures that organizations comply with industry-leading quality standards and best practices. Nadcap certification demonstrates a company’s commitment to excellence and adherence to critical processes and systems.

Nadcap is administered by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), an independent organization that focuses on advancing the aerospace and defense industries through accreditation programs, training, and support services.

Nadcap is important because it provides several benefits to organizations. It enhances credibility and market reputation, streamlines operations, improves efficiency, reduces costs, and provides access to global markets. Nadcap certification also promotes continuous improvement and networking within the industry.

Nadcap certification is not mandatory, but it is highly valued and often required by major aerospace manufacturers and prime contractors. Many organizations choose to pursue certification to gain a competitive edge, access global markets, and demonstrate their commitment to quality and compliance.