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Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO)

What is RDSO Vendor Approval?

The Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) plays a pivotal role in the vendor approval process for Indian Railways. This process ensures that the products and services procured meet the stringent standards of quality, reliability, and safety required for railway operations.

Important Guidelines and Documents


1. ISO Certification:

  • Vendors are often required to have ISO certification, such as ISO 9001, which pertains to quality management systems.

2. Technical Specifications:

  • Detailed technical specifications and standards are provided by RDSO for various products. Vendors must ensure that their products conform to these specifications.

3. Compliance with Indian Railway Standards:

  • All products must comply with the standards and guidelines set by Indian Railways, which are periodically updated by RDSO.

Benefits of RDSO Vendor Approval

Obtaining vendor approval from the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) offers numerous benefits to vendors, Indian Railways, and the broader railway industry. Here are the key benefits:

Access to a Large Market

Approval opens up business opportunities with one of the largest railway networks in the world, ensuring a steady and substantial market for vendors.

Enhanced Reputation

RDSO approval is a mark of quality and reliability, boosting the vendor’s reputation in the industry.

Customer Confidence

It instills confidence among potential customers about the quality and safety of the vendor’s products.

Preferred Vendor Status

Being an RDSO-approved vendor often places a company ahead of non-approved competitors in procurement processes.

Participation in Tenders

Vendors can participate in tenders and contracts that are exclusive to RDSO-approved suppliers.

Guidance and Assistance

Vendors receive technical guidance from RDSO, which can help in improving product quality and meeting stringent standards.

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Who can be get RDSO Vendor Approval?

The Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) welcomes applications for vendor approval from various types of entities, provided they meet the necessary criteria and standards. Here are the categories of applicants who can apply for RDSO vendor approval:

Indian Manufacturers

Companies based in India that produce railway components, equipment, or systems.

Foreign Manufacturers

International companies looking to supply their products to Indian Railways.

Service Providers

Companies that offer specialized services related to railway operations, maintenance, or consultancy.

Suppliers and Distributors

Entities that distribute or supply railway-related products, provided they have agreements with the original manufacturers and can meet RDSO’s standards.

Research and Development Organizations

Organizations involved in the research and development of new technologies and innovations for railway applications.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs that can demonstrate their capability to produce or supply high-quality railway products or services.

Public Sector Units (PSUs) and Government Agencies

Government-owned entities or agencies involved in the production or supply of railway-related goods and services.

Document required for RDSO Vendor Approval

Role of Shamkris and Process of RDSO Vendor Approval

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The implementation process is described below:

Time Frame



Step 1

GAP Assessment

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Audit Public Verification

Year on Year

Yearly Compliance


RDSO vendor approval is a certification process conducted by the Research Design and Standards Organisation to ensure that vendors supplying products or services to Indian Railways meet the required standards of quality, reliability, and safety.

Eligible applicants include Indian and foreign manufacturers, service providers, suppliers and distributors, research and development organizations, joint ventures and consortiums, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and public sector units (PSUs) and government agencies.

Benefits include access to the large market of Indian Railways, enhanced credibility and trust, competitive advantages in tenders, opportunities for technical support and collaboration, and contribution to the safety and reliability of railway operations.

Criteria include technical capability, quality management systems (preferably ISO 9001 certified), financial stability, previous experience, and compliance with RDSO’s technical specifications and standards.

You need to register on the RDSO vendor portal, submit the necessary documentation (company profile, technical specifications, quality assurance plans, financial statements), undergo initial scrutiny, assessment, and prototype testing, and finally receive approval based on assessment results.

Required documents typically include a detailed company profile, technical specifications of the product, quality assurance plans, previous performance records, financial statements, and any relevant certifications (such as ISO 9001).