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SEFA Certification

What is SEFA Certification?

Scientific research and experimentation require specialized equipment and furniture to ensure safety, functionality, and efficiency. The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) plays a crucial role in setting industry standards and certifying products that meet these requirements.

SEFA is an organization committed to establishing industry standards and promoting excellence in the design, construction, and installation of laboratory equipment and furniture. Their Certification process ensures that manufacturers meet these high standards and that consumers can trust the products they purchase.

When a product receives SEFA Certification, it means it has undergone a rigorous evaluation conducted by industry experts. They carefully assess factors like safety guidelines, functionality, ergonomics, and overall quality to ensure that the product meets or even exceeds the requirements set by SEFA.

Benefits of SEFA Certification

Quality Assurance

SEFA certification ensures that certified products meet stringent quality standards, providing assurance of their reliability and performance.

Safety Compliance

SEFA certification guarantees that certified products adhere to strict safety guidelines, promoting a secure working environment.

Industry Recognition

SEFA certification enhances the reputation and credibility of manufacturers, as it signifies their commitment to meeting industry-specific standards.

Competitive Advantage

SEFA certification differentiates certified products from non-certified ones, giving manufacturers an edge in the market.

Customer Confidence

SEFA certification instills trust in consumers, assuring them that certified products have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation.

Market Access

SEFA certification opens doors to new markets and customers, including organizations that prioritize the use of certified products.

Who can get SEFA Certification?

Laboratory Suppliers

Furniture Suppliears

Equipment Manufactures

Validity of SEFA Certification

Membership 1 year and certification 3 years

Documents Required for SEFA Certification

The extent of Documented Information differs as per:

Role of Shamkris and Process of SEFA Certification

Shamkris adopts a results-oriented approach to effective system implementation in the organization. A simple and practical method of system implementation helps organizations increase business efficiency and sustainability. Shamkris supports 100% documentation to obtain an accreditation body of success in addition to enhanced performance.

The implementation process is described below:

Time Frame



Day 1

Scope defined
Self Certification/NoBo
Cost Estimates

Week 1

Developing Documents

Week 4

Implementing Product Management System

Week 8

Internal Audit

Week 10

Self Certification/NoBo
N-C Closing

Week 12

Self Certification/NoBo

Year on Year

Yearly Compliance


SEFA Certification is a designation that verifies the quality, safety, and performance of scientific equipment and furniture used in research laboratories and related facilities. It is provided by the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) to ensure compliance with industry standards.

SEFA Certification is important because it assures consumers that the certified products meet rigorous standards for quality, safety, and functionality. It provides confidence in the reliability and performance of scientific equipment and furniture.

SEFA Certification benefits manufacturers, suppliers, installers, contractors, laboratories, facility managers, architects, and designers involved in the scientific equipment and furniture industry. It provides a competitive edge, enhances credibility, and promotes safety and quality.

To obtain SEFA Certification, manufacturers and suppliers must undergo a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by SEFA. This involves inspections, assessments, and testing of the products to ensure they meet the necessary standards and requirements set by SEFA.

SEFA Certification is not mandatory by law, but it is highly recommended and valued in the industry. Many organizations and institutions prioritize the use of SEFA-certified products due to their assurance of quality and safety.