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Walt Disney - ILS Program / FAMA Certification

The Walt Disney Company’s International Worker Standards Program seeks to promote safe, inclusive and respectable workplaces where Disney-branded products are manufactured. The International Labor Standards Program is a key component of the Walt Disney Company’s corporate social responsibility and responsible supply chain efforts.

Disney’s Code of Conduct for Manufacturers (“Disney Code”) establishes expectations for the production of Disney branded products. As described below, the principles embodied in the Disney Code are consistent with the main conventions of the International Trade Union Confederation.

As described in this ILS Program Manual, Disney’s International Worker Standards Program (“ILS Program”) requires Licensees and Vendors to conduct ILS audits and provide regular ILS audit reports. The facilities in which Disney-branded products are manufactured enable Disney and its licensors and vendors to gain greater visibility in working conditions and to encourage continuous improvement to meet the requirements of the Disney Code and the objectives of the ILS program. Promoting safe, inclusive and respectable workplaces.

As a Disney licensee or vendor, you are responsible for ensuring that Disney-branded products are manufactured in compliance with the ILS program. The ILS Program Manual outlines the essentials for licensees and vendors and includes reference materials to help you meet your responsibilities. It is imperative to review the ILS Program Manual and ensure adequate knowledge, experience and capabilities to meet the expectations of the ILS Program.

Benefits of Walt Disney - ILS Program / FAMA Certification

Become a Vendor of Walt Disney

Education and training

Standards management

Safety management

Risk Management

Production preparation / New Product Development

Who can get Walt Disney Approval?

Manufacturing Unit

Service Provider


Document required for Walt Disney - ILS Program / FAMA Certification

The extent of Documented Information differs as per:

Role of Shamkris and Process of Walt Disney - ILS Program / FAMA Certification

Shamkris adopts a results-oriented approach to effective system implementation in the organization. A simple and practical method of system implementation helps organizations increase business efficiency and sustainability. Shamkris supports 100% documentation to obtain buyer approval in addition to enhanced performance.

The implementation process is described below:

Time Frame



Step 1

GAP Assessment

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Audit Public Verification

Year on Year

Yearly Compliance


The Walt Disney Company’s International Labor Standards Program seeks to foster safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces wherever Disney-branded products are produced. The International Labor Standards Program is an important component of The Walt Disney Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Supply Chain efforts.

Manufacturing units including sub-contractors in the Supply chain